Type M-6000 Cell Membranes Mylar Film 6 Micron

Product Dimensions

Pre-cut circles: 3 in diameter

Thickness: 6 µm

TECHREF® Type M-6000 Cell Membranes are suitable for use with all X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzers where a thin polyester film is desired.

  • TECHREF® Type M-6000 Cell Membranes are 3 in. (7.62 cm) diameter pre-cut circles manufactured of DuPont Mylar® C polyester film, 24 gauge thickness (6 µm or .24 mil).
  • They are packed 100 to a package and are interleaved with tissue paper for ease of handling.
  • No coatings or chemical treatments are applied in processing by TECHREF®.

TECHREF® Cell Membranes are 100% inspected.

TECHREF® Type M-6000 Cell Membranes are made in Luxembourg.

Important Notes:

  • Handling of Membrane Film: Avoid touching the membrane film that is exposed to the X-Rays. For best results, membrane film should be applied wrinkle free and without puckers.

  • Any variations associated with the thickness of the membrane may affect the measurement of low levels of sulfur and may vary from lot to lot. It is recommended per ASTM, the calibration should be checked after starting each new lot of film.

  • The possibility of pin holes, pores, variations in gauge thickness existing in any thin-membrane film regardless of form and packaging could lead to leakage of sample. This could result in subsequent potential contamination and damage to the analytical instrumentation and its components, variations in quantitative data and impose bodily injury to the user. TECHREF® Inc. strongly recommends each membrane film be subjected to judicious testing, use, applications and evaluation prior to actual use by the user. The responsibility of acceptance and safety resides totally with the user.

  • It is recommended to store in ambient room temperature.

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